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Who We Serve

Guided by our values, we combine strategy and execution to help our clients achieve their financial goals and objectives.

Private Clients

DLK private clients benefit from our institutional approach. They appreciate a trusted advisor who can help create a long-term financial plan. Their entire financial picture is assessed and considered including retirement and tax planning.

Endowments & Foundations

Our goal is to assist each organization in creating a sustainable program for achieving their financial objectives, so they can better focus on their core missions.

Institutional Investors

We are quite familiar with their unique challenges and expectations for a disciplined investment process and risk management.

Sub-Advisory Firms

Sub-Advisory Firms

We understand the role as a fiduciary for operations and compliance along with the responsibility of being an effective distribution partner to help grow your business. This can also include customized reporting to help benefit our partnership.

Portfolios are designed to address a client’s specific needs, such as return expectations, risk tolerance, liquidity preferences and integration with their other investments.